Festive season 2014 – 2015

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Just a few more days before the madness commences… We’re ready, we’re stocked up, we’re good to go and we’re FULLY BOOKED. Prep yourself for 9 days of madness. It’s gonna be happy chaos, it’s gonna be loud and it’s gonna be fun fun fun. Bring on the madness!


Lately at Mozambeats

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We have reached 1000 likes on Facebook! Congratulations to our first winner who can now stay two nights, for free, in one of our lovely cabins including some cold Jagerbombs on arrival. At 1500 likes there are more free stays @Mozambeats, so feel free to like us on Facebook!

A lot happened last month at Mozambeat Motel. Our master sushi chef rolled us some of the world’s finest SUSHI, with loads of ocean goodness, on Mozambeat Motel’s famous SUSHI night. In August, Mozambeat Motel hosted a wedding reception and party. We had an 80’s themed B-day party where everyone came in their best 80’s attire. Ray celebrated his B-day at Mozambeat Motel with an African themed party and we played all the World Cup matches on the big screen. Mozambique Motel was packed with World Cup football madness.

Be prepared for the high season.. Our bar will be very busy and lively this period with live bands, DJ’s and other events till late.

If you like us on Facebook, we will keep you updated with what’s going on!


‘Tofo among the best beaches in Africa’

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Tofo Beach

In a Guardian article about heavenly African beaches, Tofo is mentioned. Of course!

Cath1984 writes: “Infinite sands, wicker bungalows, surf waves and amazing eateries serving enormous buttery prawns would have put Tofo in my top five travel spots even without the whale sharks. We joined a diving boat and headed off into the Indian Ocean. First we noticed a whale tail, then five, 20, too many to count. We leapt in and spent the next hour swimming with the pod and their hangers-on – enormous manta rays. Coming face to face with alien whale shark grimaces and swimming between their enormous bodies was a euphoric, uniquely calming experience.”

Thanx Cath! We couldn’t have said it more profoundly ourselves.

Sun is shining, weather is sweet

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The Sun is indeed shining..

The weather here is perfect – clear skies and sunshine during the day, t-shirt weather in the evening.

But we thought that Bob would be able to explain the vibe better than we could – Take it away Mr Marley..