How to get here


By public transport

From Maputo travel up to Tofo is relatively simple. The most popular route is to book a seat on the ‘Fatima’s Bus’, which leaves the junta/bus station in Maputo at approximately 4AM (though in reality it doesn’t leave until its full!).

Check out for a direct bus transfer from Johannesburg Airport to Tofo (via Maputo), this is a really comfy bus and reliable driver.

By plane

You can fly from Maputo to Inhambane airport with LAM (Late And Maybe ;-)).

We provide an airport pick-up from Inhambane airport to Mozambeat Motel for 1.000 Mets – just let us know your flight details in advance.


A lot of our guests fly to Johannesburg, which is an airport hub for Southern Africa, so there is a lot of choice for flights.

By plane

Fly from Johannesburg to Inhambane with LAM. This way, you’ll be delivered only 23 kilometers away from Mozambeats in 1 hour and 30 minutes.

The other 2 flight destinations from and to Inhambane are Maputo Internatiol Airport and Vilanculos.

We can arrange an airport transfer at a cost of 1.000 meticals – just let us know your flight details in advance.

By car

It is possible to rent a car in South Africa (no 4WD needed, but can be beneficial)
When renting a car from SA to Mozambique, you will need the following at border post:

Obtain a third party insurance at border. R250 per vehicle for 30 days.

Ressano Garcia (South Africa): 06:00hr – 00:00hr – Peak Season 24 Hours
Namaacha (Swaziland): 06:00hr – 20:00hr
Goba (Swaziland): 06:00hr – 20:00hr – Peak Season 24 Hours

Directions for driving from Jo’burg / Nelspruit to Tofo:

Drive to Nelspruit and cross the border at Komatipoort (5 hours from Jo’burg).

From Maputo, follow the signs to Xai-Xai, and from there simply go further northwards, until you reach the turning for Inhambane (approximately 8 hours drive).

Entering Inhambane, follow the signs for Tofo.

When you arrive in Tofo (approximately 20 mins scenic drive), look for the signs for Mozambeat Motel on your right hand side.

4×4’s – Where the road sharply turns to the left (there is a local bar on the corner, called Black & White, shops on your right hand side), take the sandroad uphill. After about 150 meters, where the road forks, follow it to the right, drive past our neighbouring guesthouse Turtle Cove, and then take the first left to finally arrive at your beloved Mozambeat Motel.

2wd – Go past the junction described above for 4×4’s, and take the 2nd right (which almost rises from the main tar road just after the quarry) up to the top of the hill and then turn right. Follow the road roughly 500m, parallel to the sea, and take the 2nd right turn onto Rua des Amandoas. Follow this road all the way to the end (up and down another bumpy hill) and take a right at the facing T-junction. From this road, take a left when it forks by neighbouring guesthouse Turtle Cove and then take the first left to finally arrive at your beloved Mozambeat Motel.

The main roads in South Africa and Mozambique are good, but be prepared – driving from Johannesburg (about 1000 kilometers) will take at least two days.

Also, you might want to visit Swaziland or the Kruger Park in between.

In case you decide to drive yourself

In Mozambique driving is on the left hand side. Drivers must carry: Identification, driver`s license, copy of car registration paper, border letter, insurance border letter, third party insurance letter and temporary import license, which is also applicable for caravans, boats, etc. Follow the speed limit strictly – in Mozambique they do not allow for a 10km grace over the speedlimit. When stopped by police be polite and provide certified copies of documents requested, it’s a good idea to bring an International driving license. Don’t feel intimidated.

Note amendments to Transport law:
1. You are not allowed to have your arm resting on the door with window open.
2. You are not allowed to stow baggage on the back seat.
3. You are not allowed to drive with flip-flops or barefeet.
4. You have to have two emergency triangles in vehicle.
5. You have to have a reflective vest within reach in the vehicle.
6. When smoking, it is required that the vehicle is fitted with a fire-extinguisher.
7. No alcohol is allowed in the passenger part of the vehicle.
8. Under age children must be in child seat with seat belt.
– Patience. It’s a long drive.
+ Pay close attention to the speed limits as there are always police on the roads and a fair number of speed traps.

By public transport:

As long as you’ve readied yourself for an unpredictable journey, full of livestock, regular stops and hot temperatures, this is one of the most authentic ways to carry out your African adventure.

We recommend the CityBug from Jo’burg to Nelspruit, super-efficient and only R450.

There are buses (such as Greyhound, Intercape and City to City) running daily from Nelspruit to Maputo, the journey should not take more than 2,5 hours on the road (not including border crossing).

Busses and chappa’s from Maputo to Inhambane or Tofo are regular and take more than 8 hours – how long exactly is a mystery and part of the mystique, your guess is as good as ours!