community support

Cyclone help in 2017

In 2017, a devastating cyclone hit Tofo. As the vast majority of Mozambicans in this area live in grass houses, many families suffered huge losses of their properties. In order to support the community to rebuild their homes and lives, we set up a fundraiser to be able to help families do this. Thanks to the amazing generosity of our friends, families and guests who had stayed with us, we were able to raise over 10,000EUR.

With that money we were able to do so much to help. After the cyclone hit, our staff stayed at Mozambeats whilst we helped rebuild their homes. We were able to help our 20 staff and their families to repair the damage caused. Other things we were able to do as a result of the donations: we helped to rebuild the roofs of the school at Mallunguele and the church at Conguiana by providing them with materials such as cement and roofing material; we visited the communities and took toys, mosquito nets, malaria treatment and emergency packages for the most vulnerable; we set up a food station next to a school and fed 800 kids every week for 3 months; and each staff member identified a vulnerable family that we were able to help with rebuilding their homes.

Tofo Barra Appeal during Covid-19

Covid-19 has caused huge disruption and devastation the world over. Tofo has suffered due to the travel restrictions and therefore lack of tourism. We are working hard to get Tofo tourism back on its feet again to give our communities their vital source of income. With regards to protecting the community from the virus itself, the advice globally is for people to stay at home. Unfortunately this advice in most cases cannot be followed given that many Mozambicans are living hand to mouth and don’t have supplies to stay at home for a long time. Therefore we have been raising money to build care packages to enable the most vulnerable members of the community to stay at home to stay safe from Covid-19. Our staff along with the other organisers of the fundraiser have packed and delivered 200 packages to vulnerable members of the community and there is more work to be done.


We have also built 5 Tippy Taps within the community for people who don’t always have access to running water and soap. We have placed these in strategic locations for example at busy bus stops. With these Tippy Taps members of the community are able to wash their hands in the fight against Coronavirus.

Water supply

Thousands and thousands of Mozambicans do not have enough water to sustain their livelihoods. Inadequate access to water is one of the main reasons for poverty and it affects people’s basic needs, health, food security and livelihoods. This was our motivation as Mozambeat Motel in cooperation with Lot Berkelmans to build a borehole in Conguiana. Conguiana is a rural area, roughly 8 km away from Tofo, were a couple of our employees live. Mainly the young children needed to walk often for miles with a water bucket on their head. But now because of this initiative, everybody is able to get clean drinking water in a radius of 2 kilometers, that is more or less a 1000 people. With the opening of the well on the 6th of November 2021 the most vulnerable people of Conguiana also received clothing and the children received school bags. We like to work on projects that are sustainable, long term and by which a large group of people can profit. Would you like to help us contributing and giving back to the community? Get in touch with us to find out.