How to get here

Be prepared: It’s a long way to paradise!

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You can reach us by public transport; as long as you’ve readied yourself for an unpredictable journey, full of livestock, regular stops and hot temperatures, this is one of the most authentic ways to carry out your African adventure.

Or you can drive yourself: In Mozambique driving is on the left hand side. Drivers must carry: Identification, driver`s license, copy of car registration paper, border letter, insurance border letter, third party insurance letter and temporary import license, which is also applicable for caravans, boats, etc. Follow the speed limit strictly – in Mozambique they do not allow for a 10km grace over the speedlimit. When stopped by police be polite and provide certified copies of documents requested, it’s a good idea to bring an International driving license. Don’t feel intimidated.

Note amendments to Transport law:
1. You are not allowed to have your arm resting on the door with window open.
2. You are not allowed to stow baggage on the back seat.
3. You are not allowed to drive with flip-flops or barefeet.
4. You have to have two emergency triangles in vehicle.
5. You have to have a reflective vest within reach in the vehicle.
6. When smoking, it is required that the vehicle is fitted with a fire-extinguisher.
7. No alcohol is allowed in the passenger part of the vehicle.
8. Under age children must be in child seat with seat belt.
– Patience. It’s a long drive.
+ Pay close attention to the speed limits as there are always police on the roads and a fair number of speed traps.

Depending from where you come, here are the directions: