gutsakisana means joy

Gutsakisana is a project founded by Sonia (owner of Tofo Tofo Restaurant) in 2017. It aims to assist children from the local Tofo community and surrounding areas by providing them with valuable opportunities and connections. Gutsakisana means "to create and to bring joy" in Gitonga (the local language). All children aged between 5 and 16 years are welcome, regardless of their background. Once a week the children are given the opportunity at Gutsakisana to learn cooking, drama, dance, arts and crafts, yoga, meditation, English reading and writing. The children are also encouraged to play games, to work together and, most importantly, to eat together.

This project began as an acknowledgement that many of the children in Tofo were missing out on a range of opportunities for development that were readily available to children in other parts of the world. Gutsakisana is a forum where children can spend time together, feel listened to and learn to express their hopes and dreams for life in a safe space. This heartfelt project aims to guide and help the children of Tofo to find and develop their best qualities as well as to discover and explore their passions. It is a project that can always make use of extra resources and funding.

it is a wonderful and impactful project that can always use extra help!

The people working on this project are all dedicated volunteers except for one paid teacher. There is often a lack of money to pay for the food that's provided at the end of the activities and also for resources.

If you have a couple of spare kilos in your suitcase, we would be extremely grateful if you would consider bringing vital supplies for our project. You'll make an enormous impact on the lives of our children and families. Please contact us to see what supplies are needed for the Gutsakisana project.

You can join the online Gutsakisana community and read more about what is happening in the program here.