we're going green

The world around is currently facing some of our biggest challenges yet. Countries like Mozambique are among the most vulnerable when it comes to climate change, which makes it of vital importance that we do our best to reduce our environmental impact. We've been making some changes at Mozambeat Motel to in order to give our guests the best possible experience and move toward a sustainable future.

We have made it our goal to go plastic free. At this stage we still face many challenges with often limited supply options in the area, but this doesn't stop us from doing our best to minimise our reliance on plastic and reduce our carbon footprint. If you have any questions or suggestions we are always open to improvement.

We also organise monthly beach clean-ups, which you can be part of!


In your room you will see that our amenities are eco-friendly. We've done away with plastic bottles and you will now receive glass bottles filled with fresh, clean water from our bore hole! Our onsite tap water is clean for drinking, so no need to worry about buying plastic water bottles, you can refill! There are also bamboo toothbrushes, refillable lotion, shampoo and conditioner so you still get to experience the finer things!


To cut down on the output from each room there is a reminder on the air conditioning unit for it to be turned off when you leave the room. Mozambique is still a long way from having green energy, so this is very important! We have also cut down on our daily cleaning service to reduce water waste and cleaning products. If you have any special requests, of course we're happy to help!


One of the great things about Tofo is having access to fresh local produce. At Mozambeat we have our own veggie garden for supplies for the kitchen as well as many of our staff growing veggies at home, which we make sure to buy as often as we can. This takes the plastic, the transport and the mass agriculture out of eating vegetables and they taste delicious!

We also have our own pigs! Which means our food waste is naturally processed. Anything they don't eat goes into the compost which we use on our garden. Food waste is one of the biggest contributors to climate change – bio-waste that breaks down in landfill and isn't composted creates methane, a gas that is lethal in the atmosphere.

We also do all of our takeaway orders in biodegradable packaging and when we shop in the market we take our own bags. We have no more plastic bags and we always do our best to shop for local produce. This is something we can suggest for our guests visiting the market – bring your own bag!


In the bar we make sure we separate the cans, plastic and bottles so they can be recycled in Tofo's local recycling project. We have no plastic water bottles or straws. We have reusable glass straws, locally produced bamboo straws and biodegradable paper straws – some of the world's most unique and beautiful marine life is in the Tofo region and we'd hate for them to get hurt.


Help us to keep Tofo's beaches clean! Check out here when we organise the next beach clean-up.