We apologise but Mozambeat Motel will be closed until further notice due to the Corona virus (Covid-19).
It is no longer possible to book online (only by mail).


From $50 per night

Mini suites


From $10 per night

Mini dormitory


From $6 per night

Mini tents:campsite

Full refund until July 2020:


For all tourists who intend to visit Tofo, please stay home.

It will be unimaginable what will happen to this continent if we don’t act now and be responsible. Please protect our locals, this is not the time to be selfish, this is the time to be considerate of everybody around you. Cancel (or better: postpone) your trip and you will get a full refund from us.

We look forward to welcome you at Mozambeats, when the time is right.



Due to the worldwide pandemic of Covid-19, Mozambeat Motel is temporarily closed. We understand that it might affect your holiday booking. Therefore we fully refund all booked guests or even better you can change your dates for free. For now, we are keeping ourselves busy with creating the ultimate holiday oasis for you. Corona-proof! For more information: mail us.
Big love & stay safe, the Mozambeats family